Ep 17: #CHRISTIANITY2017 with Daniel Camacho

Coming on the heels of the last episode about the #SOCIALISM2017 conference, Matt and Dean are joined by Daniel Camacho, a Duke Divinity grad and contributing writer at The Guardian, to talk about Christianity in the US in 2017.


  • Why it’s not a surprise that evangelicals have overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump–and why we should judge them by their fruits.
  • Evangelicalism and the politics of resentment.
  • The legacy of racism and capitalism haunts American Christianity–and not just the evangelicals.
  • A material analysis of evangelicalism is important.
  • Evangelicalism’s policing function.
  • Can we retrain our theological imaginations to fund a leftist politics?
  • A religious left isn’t and shouldn’t be the mirror image of the religious right.
  • There’s been a religious left long before 2017–why’s it so hard to remember?
  • The Kingdom of God doesn’t boil down to “I’m not as bad as the next guy.”
  • The future of the Christian Left will have to be pluralistic.
  • The rad trads…they are…bad.
  • Does the left have to name class as a primary site of struggle? (No.)

Citations and Resources:


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