Ep 16: #SOCIALISM2017 with Drew Van’t Land

Dean’s back! A wild iTunes review appears! (Please give us more iTunes reviews.) Drew Van’t Land joins Matt and Dean to talk about going to the #Socialism2017 conference in Chicago!


  • Protip for leftist conferences: provide free childcare so cool people like Drew can come!
  • What happened at the conference?
  • How does socialism look in the wake of Trump?
  • Where can Christians get involved in leftist struggles in North America?
  • Shoutout to the Kentucky Worker’s League.
  • Socialist conferences turn out to be like Christian youth conferences. #AcquireTheFire
  • Leftist altar calls.
  • Should the left focus on class as a primary site of struggle? What do we do with all the other sites of struggle?
  • How come the Hyatt where the Socialism 2017 conference was held didn’t get burnt down?
  • Communize Daycare!
  • Cameo by Drew’s adorable twins!

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