Ep 11: The Theology of Struggle

After reading Anne Harris’s essay “The Theology of Struggle: Recognizing Its Place in Recent Philippine History” [link will download], Matt and Dean talk about Christian participation in the Communist Party of the Philippines, and then spend the rest of the episode revisiting questions of violence.


  • Christians actually being communists for real.
  • Acronyms. Good acronyms.
  • Mutual transformations happen when Christians and communists get together.
  • Violence–we’re at it again.
  • Maybe we could talk about “strategy” instead of “nonviolence” and “violence.”
  • How does the church play a mediating role between armed struggles and civil society?
  • Pope Francis’s materialist understanding of violence.
  • We’re gonna talk to Derek Ford again and we couldn’t resist talking about Herbert McCabe a little early.





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