“Stop: Eject” | Magnificast Summer Reading Group 2017

This summer is our inaugural reading group, focusing on the French thinker Paul Virilio, who we talked about in episode 4 and episode 7. We’ll be looking at Virilio’s Christianity in particular, articulated in a few books of interviews, along with some of his basic themes. The discussions will be hosted via Google Hangout, and you can join in by supporting us for $1 at Patreon. At the end, we’ll have a Q&A session with Jason Adams, who has written on and interviewed Virilio. We’ll determine a time based on availability for the majority of folks who want to participate.

Reading list

July 11

Pure War

Suggested: 62-68; 117-124; 132-135; 141-146; 160-167; 202-203; 226-235 [46 pages]

July 18

Crepuscular Dawn

Suggested: 26-28; 47-54; 62-65; 153-159; 168-179 [33 pages]

July 25

Virilio Live

Suggested: 15-36; 56; 79-81; 161-163; 174-175; [33 pages]

August 1

Jason Adams Q&A


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