Ep 8: Revolution isn’t what it used to be with Lambert Zuidervaart

In this episode, Matt and Dean chat about an interview Dean did with legendary Christian critical theorist Lambert Zuidervaart, newly emeritus Senior Member at the Institute for Christian Studies. Lambert has had a career interacting with Christianity and the left, especially through his research on the Frankfurt School.


  • Lambert offers some conceptual handles to describe the horrifying pervasiveness of global capitalism.
  • “Societal evil” is a good branding move.
  • Matt flexes some of that sweet radical MA knowledge of revolutionary theory muscle.
  • Reformism and revolution are tough problems, honestly.
  • Lambert talks about the theological undercurrents in his critical theory.
  • Is there such a thing as a “Christian Left?”
  • Violence…we’re still talking about it….

Here are some relevant and free articles for folks who want to follow-up on Lambert’s work (more at ICS’s Institutional Repository):

Here’s Episode 8, our conversation sparked by Lambert’s responses to Dean’s interview:

And here’s the full, uncut interview with Lambert:


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