Ep 7 – Super Virilio Bros

In this episode, the Magnificast gets back to it’s roots! No guests, just two dudes talking about an old french man. Matt and Dean discuss the central role Christianity plays in the media theory of Paul Virilio. Also, they launch a summer reading group and Patreon account.


  • Matt is not in charge of your life.
  • Paul Virilio is very cool.
  • Worker Priests.
  • Paul Virilio is Catholic, but people ignore that sometimes.
  • Virilio is an anarchist and a Christian.
  • Paul Virilio 420 blaze it on Vice.
  • Virilio is friends with everyone.

If you liked what we did on this episode and you’re interested in reading/talking about Paul Virilio with us, think about joining our reading group this summer! Sign up by giving us a dollar on Patreon!



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