Episode 4: War and Cinema with Josh Christianson

Josh Christianson of The Double Feature pops by The Magnificast to talk about Paul Virilio’s War and Cinema, the Mother of All Bombs, Trump’s Syria publicity missiles, and more.


  • We read a hard book so you don’t have to. (You should though.)
  • Cinematic and military technologies turn out to be very scary and very related.
  • Josh has an existential crisis over film and violence.
  • Matt thinks of a better version of Big Brother. (The reality show.) Dean thinks Big Brother is pretty much fine the way it is. (The reality show.)
  • Donald Trump is Tony Soprano.
  • Jean Baudrillard and Paul Virilio turn out to be uncomfortably relevant for Trump’s presidency.
  • How Hitler, Reagan, and Trump are different political directors.
    • Three very brief but very good Alex Jones impressions.

Show References:

Pope News:



2 thoughts on “Episode 4: War and Cinema with Josh Christianson”

  1. Thank you for the delightful conversation. I have one immediate question as I left the last minute of the podcast, what was that wonderful tune played in the outro?

    I dictated the lyrics but could not track down the song.

    I don’t want to get up for church in the morning souls alive /
    heaven come to earth and there wont be no church /
    we’ll meet down by the riverside/


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