Episode 3: Party Time with Derek R. Ford

This episode, Matt and Dean talked with Derek R. Ford, author of Communist Study: Education For the Commons, about communism, party movements, and bridges between Christianity and leftism.


  • Alex Jones presages our Catholic communist future.
  • Derek says “ultimately, the communist party is oriented toward… realizing the conditions of the Kingdom of God on earth as soon as possible.”
  • Matt, Dean, and Derek talk about the differences between democratic socialist movements and communist parties.
  • Derek gives a pitch for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, relates it to the Democratic Socialists of America, and tries to chill out some anxieties religious folks feel about communist parties.
  • Why Pope Francis is contributing to a worldwide polarization by talking about bringing people together.
  • Derek outlines the difference between a socialist Sunday school and a communist Sunday school.
    • The two biggest obstacles to realizing communism in America are FINALLY REVEALED. YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

Show references:

Be sure to check out Derek’s new book and his well-populated academia page!

Episode 3


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