Episode 1(.5) Notes: Anarchy and Christianity

The advent fasting is over and the podcast nativity is finally here. Over the course of the podcast, we’ll try to provide further information and resources, and maybe some more reflections, related to the episodes. Here’s some stuff from the first episode and the extra bit on libertarians reading Jacques Ellul.


  • Dean talks about anarcho-primitivist roadkill fashion.
  • Matt laughs his way through Ellul talking about the inevitable failure of anarchism.
  • Ellul is a weird anti-vaxxer–or is he?
  • The best kind of pacifism is the kind that gets tempted to blow up buildings.

Some references from the show:

In the episode, Matt said if he could suggest something to Ellul it would be to rewrite the book, make it a page long, and list some anarchists Christians ought to read. We thought we’d save Ellul the trouble:

Also, for folks interested in anarcho-primitivist Christianity, Dean used to read the journal/zine In the Land of the Living, and you can still find a lot of it online.


Episode 1.5


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